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      Notice: Qingdao Bioko Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city - Qingdao, the location, the revolving door is a professional research and development of automatic doors, security doors, special doors, intelligent building systems development, production, sales and service in one business ...
      Revolving Door
      Two Wings Revolving Door
      Three/Four Wings Revolving Door
      Crystal Revolving Door
      Sliding Door
      Automatic Sliding Door
      Arc Automatic Door
      Airtight door
      Partition and Sliding Door
      Kentucky Bronze Door
      Intelligent Channel System
      Three Roller Gates
      Swing Gate
      Wing Gate
      Addr:Qingdao Chengyang Liuting Industrial Park East
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      Recruitment Partner

      Thank you for your Bioko Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. Qingdao attention and support, our company has provided a broad space for the development of a number of agents, as the company further develop and grow, is now facing various provinces and cities Recruitment agents, cooperation in the following manner :
      Cooperation step
      Step 1: Check cooperate eligibility criteria, application collaboration.
      Step two: provide relevant cooperation audit materials, mail or fax to Qingdao Bioko equipment company.
      The third step: after receiving the application, the company will contact you to determine cooperation.
      Cooperation requirements
      (1) in the automatic doors or related industries for more than one year of experience or professional architectural decoration company or individual;
      (2) preferably have a fixed residence and working conditions, a dedicated sales staff;
      (3) development of the industry have a good market prospects and are willing to long-term business;
      Information necessary for application
      (1) The legal representative of the applicant or the applicant personal ID card;
      (2) Units Units must provide a copy of a business license and tax registration;
      (3) the applicant's personal details or office address, telephone and fax numbers;

      Hot line
      Tel: 0532-82009806
      Fax: 0532-87636357
      The free service Tel: 400-0532-079


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      © Qingdao Aokeer Equipment Engineering Co. Ltd. Add: Chengyang Liuting Industrial Park East

      Tel:0532-82009806 13969785179 Fax:0532-87636357 Email:info@qingdaoaoke.com

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