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      Notice: Qingdao Bioko Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city - Qingdao, the location, the revolving door is a professional research and development of automatic doors, security doors, special doors, intelligent building systems development, production, sales and service in one business ...
      Revolving Door
      Two Wings Revolving Door
      Three/Four Wings Revolving Door
      Crystal Revolving Door
      Sliding Door
      Automatic Sliding Door
      Arc Automatic Door
      Airtight door
      Partition and Sliding Door
      Kentucky Bronze Door
      Intelligent Channel System
      Three Roller Gates
      Swing Gate
      Wing Gate
      Addr:Qingdao Chengyang Liuting Industrial Park East

      To create brand-name industry, enhance their visibility and establish a corporate image, the company of "boo-cheng world, fine by building the future"

      The spirit of the principle of "the most preferential price, the most attentive service, the most reliable product quality" solemn promise to you:

      A commitment to product quality:
      1, manufacturing and testing are quality records and inspection data.
      2, the product performance testing, we sincerely invited users to visit the product whole process, all performance checks, was confirmed to be

      Qualified before packing shipments.

      Second, the product price promise:
      1, in order to ensure high reliability and advanced systems were chosen selection of domestic and international high-quality brand-name products.
      2, in the same competitive conditions, our company not to reduce product performance, change the product components based on the cost,

      Faith in the most favorable price to your party.

      Third, the delivery commitment:
      1. Product delivery: as requested by the user, if you have special requirements, be completed ahead of schedule, I may in particular organization of production

      Installation, and strive to meet customer needs.
      2, product delivery, we provide the following documents to the user;
      ① Technical Maintenance Manual
      ② The General Plan
      ③ purchased parts manual and the manufacturer
      ④ wearing parts, spare parts list, and comes with a certain amount of spare parts

      Fourth, the service commitment:
      1. Service Mission: serious, accurate, thoughtful and thorough
      2, the service objectives: customer satisfaction with the service to win


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      © Qingdao Aokeer Equipment Engineering Co. Ltd. Add: Chengyang Liuting Industrial Park East

      Tel:0532-82009806 13969785179 Fax:0532-87636357 Email:info@qingdaoaoke.com

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