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      Notice: Qingdao Bioko Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city - Qingdao, the location, the revolving door is a professional research and development of automatic doors, security doors, special doors, intelligent building systems development, production, sales and service in one business ...
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      AK-F series of three wings (four-wing) revolving door
      Simple and elegant, light and comfortable is the advantage AK-F series of three (four) wing revolving door, AK-F series of three (four) wing revolving door and points in the shaft (FA) and the exhibition box (FB) two series, in each of the series have manual and electric operating mode for you to choose. AK-F series revolving door use of "normally open, normally closed" principle effectively dust, noise and shut the door and keep the indoor temperature constant, compact AK-F series revolving door is undoubtedly the most reasonable cost of rotation gate!

      AK-F series of technical parameters

      Provide power: 220V 50HZ drive motor: 0.18KW AC inverter motor
                     Normal Speed: 3-6 cycles / minute (depending on the diameter may be)

      AK-F series performance

      * Door skeleton of aluminum die casting, finish, strength, good ductility;
                       * Electrical components for the world's top brand, quality and more secure;
                       * Glass using laminated glass, bending glass, tempered glass, bullet-proof glass;
                       * A variety of materials and colors of the exterior: stainless steel package decoration, aluminum fluorocarbon spraying, copper jewelry and other packages;
                       * Ceiling by the cone plate radial composition, materials can be selected, with the top-grade ceiling spotlights;
                       * Electric AK-F Series LCD touch screen program control system, simple operation, with fault display;
                       * Electric AK-F series safety device with anti-touch, pinch and other testing features that ensure your safe and smooth;
                       * Electric AK-F series has slow down function, emergency stop function;
                       * AK-FB series of intermediate exhibition box can load 25KG, easy to decorate or Products;
                       * Electric AK-F series can be run manually in case of power failure;
                     Optional: backup power at night and close protection function, folding wing, wind damping device, top rain process.

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