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      Notice: Qingdao Bioko Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city - Qingdao, the location, the revolving door is a professional research and development of automatic doors, security doors, special doors, intelligent building systems development, production, sales and service in one business ...
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      Automatic classification doors have?

      Rotary automatic doors Category:
      Rotary wings automatic doors: Is automatic revolving door and automatic sliding doors both advantages in a perfect combination of a revolving door, sliding door and the perfect combination of luxury boxes show, it is the integration of the world's advanced technology and modern fashion classic. In the middle of automatic swing can achieve a single, two-way traffic and normally open mode of operation and so on. Is the most suitable hotels, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, business hall, hotels, office buildings, and other large-scale building entrance system.
      Three-wing rotary automatic doors: born in a new spirit and functionality into. Simple, practical, safe and stable, it rotates channel system and maximum rotation diameter capacity as a whole, while meeting the "maximum amount of traffic" and "perfect addition to the wind effect" of these two opposing conditions apply to banks, Shops, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, airports, hotels and a variety of entertainment, where the building is to add a distinguished atmosphere.
      Automatic four-wing revolving door: is the most beautiful of the most economical and practical revolving door, its durable structure, convenient and simple to operate, it has a strong capacity, the entrance features a large, safe and reliable, low failure rate, maintenance time most long, is very safe and comfortable passage, makes it easy to get pedestrian access, is the most widely used as a revolving door.
      Applicable in the banks, shops, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, airports, hotels and a variety of entertainment, where the building is to add a distinguished atmosphere.
      Central column revolving door: is a combination of advanced electronic technology and modern design to make use of the revolving door pillar around very safe and convenient, modern design and the building itself makes capacity as one. Effectively blocking the invasion of cold, heat, wind, reducing heating and cooling energy consumption, and to create a clean, quiet, pleasant environment seasons green passage.
      Crystal rotary automatic doors: can greatly reduce the destructive ultraviolet rays, preventing the interior furnishings and exhibits due to light and led to the phenomenon of aging and yellowing. Insulation effect crystal piece 10 times better than glass, but also to keep the room temperature, saving energy. Bright color, rich colors, easy to clean, shape and diverse. Crystal clear, clear perspective, easy tour, can enhance security benefits.

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